Protecting Your Jewelry

  • If you love how jewelry sparkles, avoid touching diamonds or gemstones often. As you touch it, you pass oil from your fingers to the diamonds or gemstones, which can make it look dull.
  • Bathe and apply any lotions, perfumes, skin oils and hair spray before you wear jewelry as they can cause build up that will affect diamonds or gemstones brilliance and sparkle.
  • When it comes to gemstones, be careful with the intensity of heat and light the jewelry is exposed to. Excess heat or sudden temperature changes can affect a gemstone’s durability and color.
  • Avoid wearing diamonds or gemstones jewelry when you are doing heavy work, household chores, going to the gym, etc. as the stones can get chipped.
  • Avoid letting diamonds or gemstones come in contact with harsh chemicals like chlorine, bleach etc.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

Make a cleaning solution Try mixing a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a cup of warm water, which will help remove grease. Soak jewelry for approximately 5 minutes & gently clean it with a soft bristle toothbrush. Use a clean & soft makeup brush for cleaning soft gems like pearls as they can get scratched easily.

Pre-made jewelry cleaning solutions While there are many pre-made jewelry cleaning solutions available in the market, one needs to be cautious while using them.

Do not use ultrasonic cleaners to clean: Gemstones have been cracks which have been filled to improve apparent clatity

Organic gems such as pearls, coral, tortoise shell, ivory, shell cameos, jet, and amber

Gems that have been coated with oil, plastic or wax.

Gems that have been heat treated to enhance color.

Gems that are susceptible to heat and temperature changes whether they are treated or not. Some of these gems include tanzanite, feldspar (sunstone and moonstone), fluorite, iolite, kunzite, lapis lazuli, malachite, opal, topaz, turquoise, zircon etc.

Storing Your Jewelry

  • Jewelry pieces often come in a box or pouch, which is a perfect place to keep them. Sterling silver, for example, should be kept in an anti-tarnish bag or cloth.
  • Jewelry boxes that feature individually padded slots for rings and posts for hanging necklaces and bracelets are also ideal. A fabric-lined jewelry case with separate compartments is Ideal.
  • Pearls and opals draw moisture from the air. Do not store opal or pearl jewelry in a dry area, such as a safe deposit box. It could sometimes do more harm than good.
  • You can also individually wrap jewelry in soft tissue paper for each piece.
  • Make sure chains and necklaces are fastened when storing to avoid tangling.
  • When traveling, protect jewelry pieces from scratches or other impact damage by padding it in a separate box or case.

Keeping Your Jewelry Safe

Use a lock box or safe When it comes to storing jewelry in your home, you can never be too safe. Instead of storing valuables in a jewelry box or bureau, consider investing in a sturdy, locked storage compartment that only you have access to.

If your safe comes with a key, keep it in a secure, hidden location. Better yet, opt for a safe with a combination lock to lower the risk even more.

Get warranty for jewelry Jewelry is likely one of the most expensive things you own, so it makes sense to get your jewelry covered with our Lifetime Jewelry Service Plan.

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